The first Emmaus community in Scotland

Challenged by a very small gift of money from a French Emmaus community to start Emmaus Glasgow the project was initiated in 1997 by a small steering group of four volunteers led by Duncan Wallace.

As the activities to find premises and funding progressed, the need for a day worker became apparent and the steering group employed Alan Grant as the development worker and rented an office. This led to establishing Emmaus Glasgow as a Scottish registered charity and company limited by guarantee in 1999 with a board of hard working voluntary trustees.

The 24 self-contained flats comprising our new Emmaus Glasgow community opened Monday the 2nd of January 2006, with our first 2 companions.

In 2009 the companions agreed to provide the soup kitchen one night per week in the centre of Glasgow which they continue to do, they also contribute funds to Emmaus International.

We have offices, workshops, three charity shops, and two residential flats, a full time General Manager, several companion support staff, a charity shop manager, a bookkeeper and a part time administrator. In addition, a number of volunteers working on different task groups.

We are part of a network of Emmaus organisations in the UK and worldwide and Glasgow Emmaus is the first site to have been located in Scotland.

Our shops are open to the public and are stocked with second hand and refurbished goods. You’re always welcome when you come along and browse for a real bargain.