Emmaus International

An international solidarity movement unlike any other! This is made up of the thousands of men and women whose work is motivated by the simple sentences: ‘serve first those who suffer most’ and ‘fight against the causes of poverty’. This founding principle of the movement is developed by the groups depending on the country and the context.


Emmaus International is a decentralised organisation. In other words some of its tasks are delegated to the four regions to which the member groups belong (Africa, America, Asia and Europe). It operates on a triptych system of member groups / elected representatives / employees.

A founding principle:

Serve first those who suffer most, whoever they are, without distinction.

A common goal:

Locally, setting up financial activities with the most marginalised in society to work for access to fundamental rights for all.

Together, showing through collective action that there are international alternatives to situations of injustice.

Present on four continents:

The movement is made up of the 350 member associations in 37 countries – Emmaus International member groups worldwide.

A variety of activities:

Rubbish collection and recycling, farming and livestock rearing, literacy projects, defence of human rights, training, housing, environmental protection, healthcare projects and much more.